Our School Rules


The children have been consulted and have generated our new school rules which are: 

We are Polite

We are kind to ourselves and each other


We listen


We respect ourselves, others and school property


 Happy learners.  Aiming high.

Our Vision and Aims

Our aim is to provide a rich and stimulating learning environment where diversity is celebrated and where each and every child is able to:

  • Feel valued, nurtured and cared for
  • Feel safe, happy and inspired by a creative and challenging curriculum
  • Develop a life-long love of learning
  • Receive quality teaching from adults who have high expectations and aspirations for all children, encouraging them to be the very best they can be
  • Take risks in their learning and recognise their own key learning qualities of curiosity, imagination, perseverance, resilience and team-work 
  • Celebrate achievements and learn from their mistakes
  • Develop a respectful awareness of the environment, the wider world and its many cultures
  • Develop independence and feel prepared to take the next step in their learning journey 

Above all we want our children to have fun and enjoy learning and their parents to feel well informed, communicated with and valued. 

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