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Holtsmere End Infant and Nursery School


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As an Infant School, the children are often prone to illness and infection until they build more of a resistance to bugs and germs.

However, to encourage good attendance and help your children make the best possible progress in their learning we are keeping you informed of attendance figures for the school, your child's class and individual attendance.

Attendance Newsletter 2018 pdf 317kb

Weekly Class Attendance Figures 
Week Commencing 26th November 2018:

Mrs Billingham & Mrs Rayment Oak 99%
Mrs Clewett  Hazel 92%
Miss Razzaque & Mrs Ripley Chestnut 89.73%
Miss Stokes Maple 89.90%
Mrs Silver Pine 96.33%
Miss Turner Beech 96% 



Summer Term 2018 Attendance
April to July 2018
Whole school average attendance : 93.7%
(attendance for 96% and above is classed as 'good')

Oak 95.6%
Hazel 93.8%
Chestnut 95.1%
Maple 91.5%
Pine 95.5%
Beech 90.5%